Fri 28 Feb 2020  

getdns-1.6.0 release


Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the new CMake, bugfix and maintenance release, version 1.6.0 of getdns.

Mayor change from previous release is that the autotools based build system has been replaced with a CMake build system.

The motivation for this change is to have Windows be a first class build platform for getdns thereby increasing the ease of use of the getdns library in Windows applications. getdns and stubby can now be built using a native Windows build toolchain, ideally via the Visual Studio project. This work will also facilitate developing a User Interface for Stubby on Windows.

For those unfamiliar with CMake we have put together a CMake Quick Start Guide on how to build getdns with the new build system.

Another change in the build system is that the eventloop support libraries (for libevent2, libev and libuv) will now automatically be build when those libraries are detected.

Besides the build system changes, this release has also some bug fixes, amongst which:

  • Better TLS connection setup timeout handling, which makes getdns and stubby work better with DoT servers that are slow on initial connection (because they might be under attack).

  • Correct handling of UDP Payload size by getdns servers (i.e. listeners)

This release has a Stubby version 0.3.0included, also modified for the CMake build tools and updated with a few fixes.

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* 2020-02-28: Version 1.6.0
  * Issues #457, #458, #461: New symbols with libnettle >= 3.4.
    Thanks hanvinke & kometchtech for testing & reporting.
  * Issue #432: answer_ipv4_address and answer_ipv6_address in reply
    and response dicts.
  * Issue #430: Record and guard UDP max payload size with servers.
  * Issue #407: Run only offline-tests option with:
    src/test/tpkg/ (only with git checkouts).
  * Issue #175: Include the packet the stub resolver sent to  the
    upstream the call_reporting dict. Thanks Tom Pusateri
  * Issue #169: Build eventloop support libraries if event libraries
    are available. Thanks Tom Pusateri

* 2019-12-20: Version 1.6.0-beta.1
  * Migration of build system to cmake. Build now works on Ubuntu,
    Windows 10 and macOS.
    Some notes on minor differences in the new cmake build:
      * OpenSSL 1.0.2 or higher is now required
      * libunbound 1.5.9 is now required
      * Only libidn2 2.0.0 and later is supported (not libidn)
      * Windows uses ENABLE_STUB_ONLY=ON as the default
      * Unit and regression tests work on Linux/macOS
        (but not Windows yet)
Stubby ChangeLog:
* 2020-02-28: Version 0.3.0
  * Correct the details and remove ibksturm server in stubby.yml.example.
  * Include AppArmor profile (thanks CameronNemo)
  * Add `contrib` contributors to the README
  * Let scheduled task run idefinately on Windows (thanks triatic)
  * Add `Restart=on-failure` to the systemd.service file (thanks appliedprivacy)

* 2019-12-20: Version 0.3.0-beta.1
  * Migration of build system to cmake.


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