Sun 19 Apr 2015  

getdns-0.1.8 release



Packaging status

Dear all,

We have a special The Next Web 2015 Hack Battle feature release of our getdns API implementation

This release adds a single feature: DNS over TLS on port 1021. The feature is offered through two values for use with the getdns_context_set_dns_transport() function: GETDNS_TRANSPORT_TLS_ONLY_KEEP_CONNECTIONS_OPEN and GETDNS_TRANSPORT_TLS_FIRST_AND_FALL_BACK_TO_TCP_KEEP_CONNECTIONS_OPEN.

Coming Wednesday and Thursday, the 22th and 23rd of April, the getdns API will be one of the API's available to use in a Hack Battle at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. With this feature release we wish to facilitate and inspire the participants of the Hack Batle with this privacy enhanced way to use the DNS. Note however that this implementation of DNS over TLS is very much a happy path implementation; The new transports only work in stub mode. It is not yet possible to change the port for TLS communication and the TLS handshake currently blocks other outstanding callbacks. A release that will resolve these issues will follow shortly. All other transports remain fully asynchronous with no blocking.

Also note that the transport options in the API are under review and are likely to be modified to provide greater flexibility in the near future. Because of the relative smallness and isolation of the new feature, we deemed it safe to do an immediate release.

* 2015-04-19: Version 0.1.8
    DNS over TLS transport options.