Fri 11 May 2018  

getdns-1.4.2 release



Packaging status

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the new bugfix release, version 1.4.2 of getdns The two major bugfixes are:

  • DNSSEC Denial of Existence validation at NSEC wildcards, which was broken since 1.4.0.

  • Null termination of strings in configuration dictionaries. This in particular affected Stubby configurations with settings for trust_anchors_url, trust_anchors_verify_CA, trust_anchors_verify_email, appdata_dir, resolvconf, hosts, tls_ca_path, tls_ca_file, tls_cipher_list and tls_curves_list. If you use Stubby and had one of these configured, but they did not affect Stubby operation as expected, retry with this release candidate to see if it resolves the issue.

DNSSEC validation in stub mode has been improved and should be possible more often now (also with badly behaving authoritatives), because it is now partly traced from the root up.

A few more issues are resolved with this release. For a complete overview see the ChangeLog below.

This release has Stubby release 0.2.3 included, with:

  • An updated stubby.yml file (Watch out! The entries for have changed!)
  • Better recommendations for running Stubby with systemd
  • No pass through of ENDS0 options that were handled by underlying getdns

Picture of Palais du Pharo in Marseille of Knowtex (CC BY 2.0)

* 2018-05-11: Version 1.4.2
  * Bugfix getdnsapi/stubby#87: Detect and ignore duplicate certs
    in the Windows root CA store.
  * PR #397: No TCP sendto without TCP_FASTOPEN
    Thanks Emery Hemingway
  * Bugfix getdnsapi/stubby#106: Core dump when printing certain
    configuration. Thanks Han Vinke
  * Bugfix getdnsapi/stubby#99: Partly trace DNSSEC from the root
    up (for tld and sld), to find insecure delegations quicker.
    Thanks UniverseXXX
  * Bugfix: Allow NSEC spans starting from (unexpanded) wildcards
    Bug was introduced when dealing with CVE-2017-15105
  * Bugfix getdnsapi/stubby#46: Don't assume trailing zero with
    string bindata's.  Thanks Lonnie Abelbeck
  * Bugfix #394: Update src/compat/getentropy_linux.c in order to
    handle ENOSYS (not implemented) fallback.
    Thanks Brent Blood
  * Bugfix #395: Clarify that libidn2 dependency is for version 2.0.0
    or higher. Thanks mire3212
Stubby ChangeLog:
* 2018-05-11: Version 0.2.3
 * Bugfix #62 and #106: With systemd setups, make /run/stubby directory
   writeable for stubby user and include a "appdata_dir" directory
   in stubby.yml.example.
   Thanks Paul Wouters, eccgecko and Han Vinke
 * Update entries in stubby.yml.example
 * Added Cloudflare servers in stubby.yml.example
 * Added basic upstart script in contrib/upstart dir. Thanks vapniks
 * Bugfix #98: EDNS options that are handled internally should not
   be passed on through downstream.  Thanks Twisteroid Ambassador