Fri 04 Sep 2015  

getdns-0.3.2 release



Packaging status

Dear All,

We have a bugfix release of getdns: version 0.3.2. The most prominent fix is fallback handling of statefull transports.

Besides bugfixes, we have two new configure options. With --enable-stub-only getdns will be compiled without libunbound. You can then only use getdns in stub resolution mode and this is also the default resolution mode.

The--with-getdns_query option will build and install the getdns_query tool that is part of the getdns test suite, but might have use cases outside that setting too

* 2015-09-04: Version 0.3.2
  * Fix returned upstreams list by getdns_context_get_api_information()
  * Fix some autoconf issues when srcdir != builddir
  * Fix remove build date from manpage version for reproducible builds
  * Fix transport fallback issues plus transport fallback unit test script
  * Fix string bindata's need not contain trailing zero byte
  * --enable-stub-only configure option for stub only operation.
    Stub mode will be the default.  Removes the dependency on libunbound
  * --with-getdns_query compiles and installs the getdns_query tool too
  * Fix assert on context destruction from a callback in stub mode too
  * Use a thread instead of a process for running the unbound event loop