Wed 18 Dec 2019  

First cmake beta release


Dear all,

We have a first beta release of getdns in which the traditional autotools based build system has been replaced with a CMake build system.

  • This release has only the build system replaced and has no other features or bugfixes.
  • The purpose of this release is to give package maintainers the opportunity to test and adopt the build recipes for the packages to fit our new build system.
  • Once this has settled and we have had sufficient feedback to continue doing future releases with the CMake build system we will move to a release candidate for 1.6.0.

The motivation for this change to have Windows be a first class build platform for getdns thereby increasing the ease of use of the getdns library in Windows applications. getdns and stubby can now be built using a native Windows build toolchain, ideally via the Visual Studio project. This work will also facilitate developing a User Interface for Stubby on Windows.

For those unfamiliar with CMake we have put together a CMake Quick Start Guide on how to build getdns with the new build system.

This release has a Stubby version 0.3.0-beta.1 included, also modified for the CMake build tools.

CC BY 2.0: the Cmake team

* 2019-12-20: Version 1.6.0-beta.1
  * Migration of build system to cmake. Build now works on Ubuntu,
    Windows 10 and macOS.
    Some notes on minor differences in the new cmake build:
      * OpenSSL 1.0.2 or higher is now required
      * libunbound 1.5.9 is now required
      * Only libidn2 2.0.0 and later is supported (not libidn)
      * Windows uses ENABLE_STUB_ONLY=ON as the default
      * Unit and regression tests work on Linux/macOS
        (but not Windows yet)
Stubby ChangeLog:
* 2019-12-20: Version 0.3.0-beta.1
  * Migration of build system to cmake.


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