Wed 03 Sep 2014  

getdns-0.1.4 release



Packaging status

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce version 0.1.4 of our getdns API implementation.

This is primarily a bugfix release.

* 2014-09-03: Version 0.1.4
  * Synchronous resolves now respect timeout setting,
  * On timeout *_sync functions now return GETDNS_RETURN_GOOD and a
    response dict with "status" GETDNS_RESPSTATUS_ALL_TIMEOUT>
  * Fix issue#50: getdns_dict_remove_name returns GETDNS_RETURN_GOOD on
  * Fix Issue#54: set_ub_dns_transport() not working
  * Fix Issue#49: Typo in documentation (thanks Stephane Bortzmeyer)
  * getdns_context_set_limit_outstanding_queries(),
    getdns_context_set_dnssec_allowed_skew() and
    getdns_context_set_edns_maximum_udp_payload_size() now working
  * <rr>_unknown rdata field for unknown or unsupported RR types
  * Temporarily disable timeout unit test 3 because of
    unpredictable results
  * Spec updated to version 0.507
  * Renamed "resolver_type" to "resolution_type" in dict returned from
  * Added GETDNS_RESPSTATUS_ALL_BOGUS_ANSWERS return code for with the
    dnssec_return_only_secure extension
  * Added support for CDS and CDNSKEY RR types, but needs ldns > 1.6.17
    to be able to parse the wire format
    (not released yet at time of writing)
  * Added OPENPGPKEY RR type, but no rdata fields implementation yet
  * Updated spec to version 0.508 (September 2014)
  * Also chase NSEC and NSEC3 RRSIGs with dnssec_return_validation_chain