About getdns

getdns is a modern asynchronous DNS API. It implements DNS entry points from a design developed and vetted by application developers, in an API specification edited by Paul Hoffman. With the development of this API, we intend to offer application developers a modernized and flexible way to access DNS security (DNSSEC) and other powerful new DNS features; a particular hope is to inspire application developers towards innovative security solutions in their applications.

The getdns-api mailing list is a good place to engage in discussions on the design and use of the API.

The open source C implementation of getdns is developed and maintained in collaboration by NLnet Labs, Verisign Labs and No Mountain Software. This implementation is licensed under the New BSD License.

Code Repository

The code repository for getdns is available at https://github.com/getdnsapi/getdns


The latest source code tarball is available for download getdns-0.1.5.tar.gz.

The getdns API library is now available via FreeBSD ports, simply use your system port binary to install, you can take a look at the files at http://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports/head/dns/getdns/.

Older binaries are available here.

Bugs, Maintenance and Support

getdns is being maintained by NLnet Labs, a not-for-profit, public benefit foundation, and by Verisign Labs.

Bugs, problems and issues will be handled with github issues at the repository link above.  For binary users in particular, please send bug-reports and comments to users@getdnsapi.net (subscribe here).



getdns 0.1.5

Fri Oct 31 2014
Hop-by-hop features for stub resolution

getdns 0.1.4

Wed Sep 3 2014
Thu Jul 24 2014
Presentation at the OSCON 2014 in Portland

Beer BoF @ IETF90

Mon Jul 21 2014
Beer BoF held at the IETF90 in Toronto
Wed Jun 25 2014
Presentation at the DNSSEC Workshop at ICANN50 in London

getdns 0.1.3

Wed Jun 25 2014
Spec update, libtool -release chg to --version-info

getdns 0.1.2

Tue Jun 03 2014
Bug fixes, minor features.
Wed May 14 2014
Lightning talk at the Open Source Working Group at RIPE 68 in Warsaw
Sun May 11 2014
Presentation at the DNS-OARC Spring Workshop in Warsaw
Wed Apr 23 2014
Hack battle in Amsterdam

getdns 0.1.1

Mon Mar 24 2014
Patch release


Tues Mar 4 2014
Presentation at IETF 89 INTAREA WG meeting in London


Mon Mar 3 2014
Presentation at IETF 89 APPAREA WG meeting in London

getdns 0.1.0

Wed Feb 26 2014
Initial public release
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Maintained by: NLnet Labs and Verisign Labs